V.A.I.N. – Ourselves and Otherwise (CD/Digital)

This is the first album from VAIN to be officially released on PGR (01 August 2017) and also the first featuring the slimmed-down line-up of Alessandro Queler (synths and piano), Guilherme Saba (bass, synth bass and backing vocals) and Will Geraldo (vocals, guitars, piano and programming).

It followed on the heels of the launches by IT and Machines Dream to complete an unofficial trilogy of CDs that explored – in sequence – where we are today in the world, how we might have gotten there and where we might go for solutions.

Guests on the CD include:

Cléo – additional vocals on “White. Yellow. Red”.

Tercio Jr. – drums on all tracks except “Redemption” and “Ground Zero”.

Mixed and mastered by Will Geraldo at Cantara Lab.

Music and lyrics by Will Geraldo, except:
“Useless” – music and lyrics by Martin Gore.*

“Redemption” – lyrics by Will Geraldo and Guilherme Saba.

“White. Yellow. Red.” – music by Will Geraldo and Alessandro Queler.

Produced by Will Geraldo.

Photography by Juliana Bueno.

Artwork by Fernando Melo.

*Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd. Used by permission.

Available from the following sites:

Physical copies from Big Cartel.

Digital copies from Amazon BandCamp iTunes (and other online stores).

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