Naryan – The Withering (CD/Digital)

Whilst this is the 3rd release from the Finnish melancholic rockers, it is their first for the label.

Featuring a mix of traditional and organic instruments – with the violin of Nona Onnela often to the fore – this album tells a story of loss through a series of linked tracks.

Five packages are available – 4 physical and 1 digital – with some special rewards on offer.

The physical items can ONLY be ordered from Big Cartel.

The DeLuxe features The Withering CD, the previous 2 albums, a digital download and a tote bag.

The 2 Premium packages feature The Withering CD and a choice of either of the 2 previous albums.

The Standard is just The Withering CD.

The Digital edition can be ordered from BandCamp.

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