Will Geraldo

Will Geraldo is a composer and producer hailing from São Paulo, Brazil. He began making music in 1988 when he took part in a thrash metal band as a bass guitarist. Growing up in a smaller town, Will found himself lacking big opportunities for a career in music, so he hopped from band to band filling in for needed positions. In 1990 he wrote his first song and the rest is history.

His music has always been heavily influenced by electro, metal, jazz, progressive rock and industrial, giving his sound an eclectic feel. “I always had a bit of trouble trying to determine what genre of music I was making, but in time I accepted the fact that this was my music,” he says. “Genres were only a tiny idea of what I was writing”.

Today, Will Geraldo primarily produces a blend of art rock and progressive rock, electronica, trip-hop, acid jazz and experimental music. He cites his main musical influences as Peter Gabriel, Fish, David Bowie, Steve Hogarth, Robert Fripp, Brian Eno, Jean-Michel Jarre, Nick Cave, Alan Wilder and Leonard Cohen. His experimentation with instruments and the genre bending variety set the tone of his music and being a record producer and audio engineer play a big part in it.

Well known for being part of Violent Attitude If Noticed, The Opposite Of Hate and Death By Visitation Of God, Will Geraldo has also released his debut solo album We Share The Same Moonlight, which draws upon a wide range of influences where Art Rock, Electronica, Trip Hop and Acid Jazz – with an extra dose of experimentalism – work really well together. “It’s an album conceived from a variety of ideas and a lot of genre bending, but at the same it’s very much my way of thinking when it comes to writing music”, says Will.

‘We Share The Same Moonlight’ was entirely written, engineered, performed, mixed and mastered by Will Geraldo at his Estúdio Cantara in São Paulo’s countryside.

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Will began his relationship with Progressive Gears by mastering the Voices for Hospices CD in October 2015, which lead to him being contracted by Machines Dream to perform the same function on their 3rd album (Black Science) after the band were impressed by his work on their contribution Trading Stars for Solitude.

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