Oceanica is the new solo project from Benedict Harris-Hayes, who is the award-winning multi-instrumentalist and front man from Enochian Theory.

His style of song writing and engaging stage performances have been praised by many artists, such as, Steven Wilson and Bruce Dickinson, and championed in printed and online press by PROG, Metal Hammer (UK, Germany, Greece), Eclipse, Powerplay, Rock Hard and many more from around the world.

The initial project cycle will be arched over 3 EPs of varying ‘progressive music’ covering Ben’s trademark soaring and epic progressive metal/rock song writing, through exploring his haunting acoustic guitar music with orchestral touches and finishing with an exploration of his more experimental leanings.

After the release of ‘OneDark’ Ben will move onto finishing the next EP ‘TwoLight’, which will be a stripped back acoustic/live strings affair, before rounding out the triptych with ‘ThreeGrey’, an exploration of all things progressive, weird and wonderful.

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