Ever heard of Finnish melancholy?

Naryan is a melancholic and atmospheric rock band from Tampere, Finland. The band has been active since 2009, although the story goes further back. In the beginning of the millennium, Lauri – along with a friend – founded Naryan as an instrumental project. The band has changed, grown and developed through the years. Every change has taken Naryan towards this moment and never more ready to take their music to a global audience through signing to Progressive Gears Records.

Naryan released a debut album – Naryan – in 2013 and the second album – Black Letters – followed in early 2016. The latter has received high praise:

”Naryan don’t overplay their hand and the writing, arrangements and performances are all of high quality. This is a band that has real class, the result being an uplifting listen.”

– Jez Rowden of The Progressive Aspect.

”This is a majestic piece of work…wonderfully-written lyrics…beautifully-performed numbers…full of passion and emotion and with stunning performances throughout.”

– Andrew Lock in The Journal of The Classic Rock Society July/August 2017.

The third full length album is in progress and it promises to be even more imposing and dark.

Naryan’s music is somewhere between Anathema, Katatonia, early Radiohead and Pink Floyd. The influences come from classical music as well as progressive rock and metal. Most of the players in Naryan are multi-instrumentalists and their gigs and records have featured some unorthodox rock instruments, such as, flute, violin, harp, cello or sax. Naryan blends progressive influences, harder rock and moody ambiance into a well-balanced entity in which guitars are in an equal dialog with violins and big orchestrations.

We live in a melancholic world in dark times so why should music not reflect this? Naryan intends to awaken and deliver big emotions. Everything is done without compromises in a way that best serves the music as a whole. For instance, the album art and most of the videos are made by the band to ensure that their vision is accomplished the right way.

Naryan has performed many gigs in Finland and audiences agree that Naryan is outstanding when playing live.

The next step is to go beyond Finnish borders to be seen and heard internationally.


Vocals – Tommi Niemi
Guitar – Lauri Kovero
Guitar – Raino Ketola
Bass and keyboard – Eveliina Sydänlähde
Violin – Nona Onnela
Drums – Tommi Tanhuanpää

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