Machines Dream

It can take a while for a band to find just the right combination of people in just the right roles. And so it has been with Machines Dream.

The starting point was 2009 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada when some friends began free-jamming for fun.

However, the chemistry was right and things soon started to take off.

In 2011 the band released their self titled debut, which paid homage to progressive bands of the past and showcased the group’s talent for writing memorable songs.

In 2012 the band signed to British label Sonic Vista/Aurovine and, in 2013, was taken on by Irish management company Progressive Gears.

Their sophomore album – Immunity (released December 2014) – saw a band in transition, searching for its own voice and experimenting in the recording studio with a new line-up.

Today finds a band that has become confident, relaxed and focused on their music after signing to Progressive Gears Records in March 2016 following an appearance on Voices for Hospices released October 2015.

Machines Dream now sounds like a group that knows who and what they want to be.

The band is built on the powerful rhythm section of drummer Ken Coulter and bassist Craig West. They push hard and fill space, with West also handling lead vocals and production. This gives the rest of the band the freedom to create layers of interlocking harmony and melody.

Keyboard player Brian Holmes defines much of the bands sound, style and character as – both sonically and compositionally – he is a powerhouse and plays a lead role in the group.

Lead guitarist Rob Coleman stretches and extends the group’s sound, blending virtuosity with impeccable taste. He compliments the sound happening around him, sometimes with blazing speed and sometimes with just one perfect note.

Acoustic multi-instrumentalist and backing vocalist Jake Rendell provides the finishing touches, adding just what each moment needs to somehow feel like it shouldn’t sound any other way.

Their songs create atmosphere and tell stories with honesty, passion, and the occasional harpsichord.

Progressive rock means many things to many people.

To Machines Dream it means being themselves.

The band underwent some personnel changes in 2021 with Keith Conway rejoining and Phil Greco taking over drum duties. Christmas Day 2021 saw the release of the Earth EP.

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