Let See Thin

This five piece band was established 2018 in Łódź and is further developing the rich prog rock heritage of Poland.

Their first official live performance was at the Cultural Center in the city as part of the Prog On Days event. Subsequently, the band have performed at the 13th Toruń Progressive Rock Festival and the 5th Prog The Night Festival.

The debut album mixes prog rock, art rock and crossover prog to highlight the social concerns facing the world today through pertinent lyrics and exquisite guitar work underpinned by a tight rhythm section and all bathed in glorious keyboards.

If you want to hear what the band have to say, then, make a date at 2Years2Late.

Let See Thin are:

Łukasz Woszczyński (vocals)
Przemek Kaźmierski (drums)
Michał Dziomdziora (bass guitar)
Paweł Wężyk (keyboards)
Maciej Włodarczyk (electric guitar)

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