Different Light

Different Light were formed in Malta at the end of 1994 by Trevor Tabone, Mark Agius Cesareo, Richie Rizzo and Trevor Catania. Loads of gigs were played throughout 1995 and an early version of ‘In the Grey’ was recorded for a compilation album.’ All About Yourself’, the band’s first album, was recorded in April 1996 and released in June of the same year. The band spent the rest of the year touring Malta to promote the album.

Mark Agius Cesareo left the band in early 1997 to be replaced by Jeremy DeMaria and the band supported ‘Fish’ (ex Marillion) in September 1998. A mini-album (EP) called ‘A Kind of Consolation’ was released at the end of 1999 with David Cassar Torreggiani on guitars. At this point, Different Light split up and so ended the first chapter.

Fast forward to 2008, Trevor Tabone decides to reform the band in Prague (Czech Republic), together with Hynek Kocourek and Petr Lux. With the help of Daniel Charron and Premek Matejovic, an album entitled ‘Icons that Weep’ is recorded and released in November 2009. The next three years are spent playing live together with new members Jirka Matousek, Bill Etheridge and Brian Reagan.

In early 2015 a compilation album called ‘Il Suono della Luce’ is released, which includes the best material from the first three albums plus one unreleased track. With the departure of Bill Etheridge and Brian Reagan, the band are joined by Petr Matousek and Petr Lux and recording is started on a new album.

The ‘The Burden of Paradise’ is released in February 2016 garnering fantastic reviews and fan reaction, selling in over 30 countries around the globe, plus being downloaded and streamed countless times on Spotify, Itunes, Youtube etc. One highlight in 2019 was a support slot with Nick Mason’s ‘A Saucerful Of Secrets’ in Malta on the 13th of July.

The band signed officially to PGR on 1st August 2019 and will release the album Binary Suns Part 1 (Operant Condition) later this year.

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