Swiss art rockers/neo-proggers Cosmos have their origins in the band Glacier Eagles (formed in 1990 by drummer Reto Iseli). The name change came about in 1993 as more accurately reflecting their Pink Floyd influences. The following year saw the release of debut album The Deciding Moments of Your Life.

The album was well-received and the band enjoyed a few successful years of live gigging in Switzerland showcasing Pink Floyd covers and original material. Unfortunately, things came to an end in 1998.

Fast forward to 2003 when Heiko Garnn and Olivier Maier invited Iseli to join with them in an ongoing musical project. Following the addition of Silvia Thierstein and Daniel Eggenberger, Cosmos was once again a functioning entity.

The album Skygarden was released – again to critical success – in 2006, although it was to be another 6 years before the 3rd album Mindgames saw the light of day.

The band came to our attention in August 2020 after the track Just A Little Pinprick was played on The Prog Mill Show (Progzilla Radio) by Shaun Geraghty. An approach was made and agreement quickly reached to promote the albums (bar Skygarden due to contractual reasons).

If you want to hear what the band have to say, then, make contact in the Cosmos.

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