Coma Rossi

After moving to Bangalore in 2013, Gaurav Govilkar started contacting people in the hope of finding someone with a similar approach to making music. He met Udayan Kashalikar and the two started jamming on a few covers before working up some original tracks. In the traditional way of things, there were a few line-up changes before the current composition got together and took the first step in a three year process to create their self-titled debut album.

The album was released digitally on 20th December 2018 and came to the attention of PGR on that very day! Contact was quickly made and – after a series of beautiful conversations by email and on Skype – both parties agreed to work together in order to bring this fantastic music to the attention of a wider audience.

Check out the album launch video HERE.

Coma Rossi are:

Tom Borah – Lead Vocals/Guitar.

Juby Thomas – Keyboards/Backing Vocals.

Udayan Kashalikar – Bass/Vocals.

Gaurav Govilkar – Guitars.

Anupam Panda – Drums.

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