Servants of Science

The band formed in Brighton (UK) during 2017 as a recording project between Stuart Avis and long term musical partner Andy Bay.

As the pair started to formulate their conceptual opus The Swan Song, which tells the story of an astronaut witnessing the end of the world whilst floating in space, other friends were invited to participate and the project gradually morphed into a six piece band.

The Swan Song CD was released in January 2018 to widespread critical acclaim and was very successful for the band. Based on this a decision was made to record the album live and release it digitally at the same time as playing a special multi-media show at The Hasland Theatre in Chesterfield (UK) on June 30th.

Servants of Science are:

Stuart Avis: keyboards, guitar, backing vocals.
Andy Bay: bass.
Neil Beards: vocals, acoustic guitar.
Ian Brocken: lead guitar.
Helena DeLuca: rhythm guitar, vocals.
Adam McKee: drums

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