Quiet Wish

Quiet Wish – from Surrey in south-east UK – play Pink Floyd influenced progressive rock with liberal helpings of alt-rock, ambient, blues and electronic trip-hop.

The band has its origins in the duo of Carola Baer and David Lambert before ambient electric guitarist Dave Salsbury joined in the Spring of 2016 to fulfill a gig request. The line-up was completed by the subsequent addition of a drummer with Matt Manning now occupying that chair.

Their music reflects the current environmental and humanitarian challenges faced by the world today using political and poetical imagery to take the listener on a journey. Haunting vocals, classically-influenced guitar, synth soundscapes and solid drums combine to provide both a reflective and – at times – rockier – sound.

Quiet Wish have previously issued some self-produced CDs for sale at gigs or direct to fans. They will now start work on a first CD proper (February 2018) to be issued on PGR in the following months.

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