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AoC Logo PGR 2

5 not 12

Apostles of Chaos – a new UK prog/rock band – have signed a contract to join the label. The band was initially formed by two ex-members of This Winter Machine, although only one remains. Their influences are many, but expect great rock riffs and lots of melodies when the first tracks are released in the…

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Burntfield Logo PGR

Roster Update

Burntfield – with its origins in Finland, but now firmly established in Amsterdam – has joined the label. The band formed in 2012 and has 2 EPs under its belt. A new album is scheduled for release on 7th May. Their music is built on soaring harmonies and powerful melody with elements from both AoR…

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Voices Oct 2017

Live IT!

A lot of footage was captured of IT in action at Progtoberfest back in October 2017. Andy Rowberry has now completed the first video from this, which shows the band in fine form before an enthusiastic crowd of south London prog rockers with a version of ‘Voices’ taken from the very successful We’re All In…

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Quiet Wish Logo PGR1

New Signing

We are delighted to welcome this exciting UK band onto our roster and are thrilled that they have chosen us to help them bring their music to a wider audience. The band play a brand of progressive rock that will satisfy fans of Pink Floyd – providing they like it served with helpings of alt-rock,…

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