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Machines Dream Black Science Cover

Black Science

Two years in the making and the third album from Canadian proggers Machines Dream has gone on pre-order today (15th May). This album features 8 tracks dealing with everything from the WWI Armistice to the dropping of the bomb at the end of WWII. It also features a brown Syrian bear, guest vocalist from Poland,…

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Part 3

Following on from the recent albums by IT and Machines Dream looking at the state of the world today and how it got there, we are delighted to announce the completion of the trilogy courtesy of Violent Attitude If Noticed. Their new album Ourselves and Otherwise carries on the theme of examining how the rich…

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Hedfuzy Leaves

Pat Byrne – the man behind the Hedfuzy brand – has decided that he would like to return to the independent arena. Therefore, an amicable parting of the ways has been agreed with immediate effect. All at PGR would like to wish Pat/Hedfizy well in all future endeavours and appreciate his efforts whilst a part…

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EABFCS Art April 2017 MailChimp

Open Your Ears

We are delighted to announce the release of a new EP: Even A Blind Fool Can See by Will Geraldo. After completing his mastering duties for the forthcoming CD by Machines Dream, Will took himself into the studio and started working on some songs with the loose idea of people preferring to ignore problems as…

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